Your Best G-Spot Experience

Again, this is something to not feel any discouragement about because the most precise instruments of stimulation for the G-Spot, my first recommendation anyway would be your fingers or a G-Spot toy. That’s definitely the way to go. There’s some gorgeous G-Spot toys out there, you want a really pronounced curve is the best thing to do because sometimes finger can get weary, especially with the amount of intensity and pressure and ballistic-ness that a G-Spot can take, your fingers might need a break. Now here’s a secret tip for you on the G-Spot. It can be stimulated externally as well as internally and to get it from the outside you basically want to put your hand or your fingers and press at the top of the woman’s pubic bone. Learn more at and

The way to test to see whether you’re in the right location is to go inside and touch the G-Spot from the inside and then see if you can actually feel your fingers pressing against each other through her skin, through her body, one set of fingers in and one set of fingers on the external, like just above the pubic bone on her body. That’s a delicious feeling, you can press right into there, that feels amazingly good. Positions There are a couple positions that can help in finding the G-Spot while you’re having intercourse. The first would be any position where the woman is on top and she can control the angles of her hips and the grinding, the amount of force plus her body weight on top of you or pushing down also helps to create more friction. Rotated woman, which is the guy lying on his back and the woman is straddling you facing opposite, like reverse cowgirl. Then she’s going to lean down and grab your ankles so that she’s spread eagled, holding onto your ankles. Then from that angle she can really rotate her hips and grind against the G-Spot. Now the technique for your G-Spot, especially if you really haven’t had this kind of play before, is with you on all fours. You want to already be aroused and have an erection. This will just help you to overcome any potential discomfort that you have about this experience for the first time. If you’re doing it for yourself, then really the best way you’re just going to have to go from inside or as in like wrap around the front of your body and say if you’re masturbating or self-pleasuring, stick your finger up your anus that way. You always want to use lubrication. This is the great rule, as much as I oppose vaginal lubricant, I completely support and encourage and insist on anal lubrication, although I have heard of a couple of women who apparently lubricate through their ass, but most people don’t. You want to stimulate your cock at the same time or have your partner be stimulating your cock and then you’re feeling for what I would call like a mushroom head with your finger. The person will insert their finger as far as they can into the rectum and then come to an open space, like a cavity, and at that point be feeling for that mushroom head. It’s basically the only round object that you’re going to feel. Learn more at

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