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Location: Directly between the eyebrows, in the indentation where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. Benefits: Using this transformative point can enhance the spirit and morale in your love relationship. It stimulates and balances the endocrine system, especially the pituitary gland. Applications for Spiritual Intimacy: While you are both standing or lying down, hug your partner. Place your hands behind your partner’s head for support. Comfortably kiss your partner’s Third Eye point, between the eyebrows. Begin with long slow kisses on the center of the forehead. Then spend a couple of minutes sucking the Third Eye point strongly. Learn more at and

The firm suction focuses your partner’s attention on this spiritually uplifting point and opens it. To heighten this experience, both of you can gently roll your eyes upward. Lift your eyebrows upward too, and breathe deeply together in sync. You can also lightly touch the Third Eye with your middle fingertip. Encourage your partner to breathe slowly and deeply, focusing all of your attention on the point. While making love, try holding the base of the skull While you passionately kiss the Third Eye point. Location: On the little-finger side of the forearm, in the dip between the wrist bone and the center of the wrist crease. Benefits: Holding this emotional balancing point relieves fear and anxiety. Applications for Spiritual Intimacy: With either your thumb or middle finger, grasp your partner’s wrist, feeling for this powerful spiri- tual point on the inside of the wrist crease, near the bone that juts out directly below the pinkie. Another point to hold for increasing spiri- tial intimacy is located in the center of the wrist crease (P 7). Use this tranquilizing point for coping with spiritual and emotional emergencies. When your partner is especially upset or depressed, hold it along with the Sea of Tranquility point (CV 17), on the center of the breastbone, to calm your partner. When you are in bed with your partner, make Contact with each other’s feet or ankles. You can also grasp hold of your partner’s wrist to stretch and stimulate the Spirit Gate points. This powerful full- body hug is a variation of Harmony Bonding: A Tantric Embrace. (See Chapter 5.) Applications for Spiritual Intimacy: Have your partner sit comfort- ably in a chair or on a pillow on the floor. From behind your partner, place your thumbs 2 to 3 inches apart (depending upon the size of the head) underneath the base of the skull. Gently place your fingertips on your partner’s temples. Slowly tilt the head backward. With your partner’s eyes closed, gradually press the Gates of Consciousness in the hollow spots beneath the base of the skull. Slowly stretch the head upward, applying firm pressure to these points while you both breathe deeply in sync for 1 to 2 minutes. Then slowly bring your partner’s head forward and down, to gently stretch the neck. After a minute of lightly massaging your partner’s skull and temples in this position, hold the back of your partner’s head in the palm of your hand. Kiss the Third Eye point (GB 24.5), between the eyebrows, for another minute. Learn more at

Your Best G-Spot Experience

Again, this is something to not feel any discouragement about because the most precise instruments of stimulation for the G-Spot, my first recommendation anyway would be your fingers or a G-Spot toy. That’s definitely the way to go. There’s some gorgeous G-Spot toys out there, you want a really pronounced curve is the best thing to do because sometimes finger can get weary, especially with the amount of intensity and pressure and ballistic-ness that a G-Spot can take, your fingers might need a break. Now here’s a secret tip for you on the G-Spot. It can be stimulated externally as well as internally and to get it from the outside you basically want to put your hand or your fingers and press at the top of the woman’s pubic bone. Learn more at and

The way to test to see whether you’re in the right location is to go inside and touch the G-Spot from the inside and then see if you can actually feel your fingers pressing against each other through her skin, through her body, one set of fingers in and one set of fingers on the external, like just above the pubic bone on her body. That’s a delicious feeling, you can press right into there, that feels amazingly good. Positions There are a couple positions that can help in finding the G-Spot while you’re having intercourse. The first would be any position where the woman is on top and she can control the angles of her hips and the grinding, the amount of force plus her body weight on top of you or pushing down also helps to create more friction. Rotated woman, which is the guy lying on his back and the woman is straddling you facing opposite, like reverse cowgirl. Then she’s going to lean down and grab your ankles so that she’s spread eagled, holding onto your ankles. Then from that angle she can really rotate her hips and grind against the G-Spot. Now the technique for your G-Spot, especially if you really haven’t had this kind of play before, is with you on all fours. You want to already be aroused and have an erection. This will just help you to overcome any potential discomfort that you have about this experience for the first time. If you’re doing it for yourself, then really the best way you’re just going to have to go from inside or as in like wrap around the front of your body and say if you’re masturbating or self-pleasuring, stick your finger up your anus that way. You always want to use lubrication. This is the great rule, as much as I oppose vaginal lubricant, I completely support and encourage and insist on anal lubrication, although I have heard of a couple of women who apparently lubricate through their ass, but most people don’t. You want to stimulate your cock at the same time or have your partner be stimulating your cock and then you’re feeling for what I would call like a mushroom head with your finger. The person will insert their finger as far as they can into the rectum and then come to an open space, like a cavity, and at that point be feeling for that mushroom head. It’s basically the only round object that you’re going to feel. Learn more at

These orgasms are really more about people

For me, I found that I absolutely have to be with somebody that I love. For a clitoral orgasm, I could be with just about anybody, for a G-Spot orgasm, I would need to be with someone who I felt could really receive my surrender, and a cervical orgasm, I absolutely have to be with someone where I have that heart connection with. I truly would say that I love that person. I would suggest really not bothering trying to get here with someone who you might have a casual relationship with. Go ahead and try if you like, but I just don’t think it’s really suited for that kind of an encounter. Learn more at and

These orgasms are really more about people who have that investment of time and depth and energy to support each other through a much more committed and profound process of development and love and surrender and growth. Again, the orgasm becomes this great barometer for depth and surrender and your relationship and this particular orgasm, like no other. Technique Let’s assume that you’re starting with a tender, rather un-touched or unexplored cervix. You want to go at this in the same way that you do with the G-Spot, you want to wake it up. We’re not expecting to get to this magical Shangri-La cervical orgasm right away. Your commitment is really just to wake up the area, to release any stored tension and trauma, and that’s a huge task. You just want to get it comfortable with the fact that “hey, I want you to expose yourself and open up to me at this deep, deep, deepest possible place that you can”. How do you do that in any scenario? You don’t just rush in and demand that it happen, you need to really demonstrate your trustworthiness and your patience and your love and your ability to create space and to hold space. When your woman is sexually warmed up, let’s say there’s been a good 30-60 minutes of play, then you can approach her cervix. You never want to dive in right away into kind of a cervical orgasm experience, or just even penetrating the cervix. You can start out with your cock and see how it goes. If you penetrate her in doggie-style sex and she’s comfortable with it, then you can continue and build in intensity. The whole point here that’s very important to note is that she’s going to be riding this pleasure/pain edge. In any cervix, there’s usually some degree of tightness and stored tension, even in a cervix that can get to cervical orgasm. You want to play on that edge where she is focusing on breathing into that sensation and it can’t be too intense or else she’ll tense up involuntarily. You want to be right at that edge where if she let go and released, it would turn into something else, it wouldn’t be pain any more, or borderline pain. That’s the edge you need to play at, this is really important because this practice is integral to the whole cervical orgasm experience, where the woman wants to practice opening and not bracing against tightness or pain. This becomes this beautiful life metaphor, where this experience comes to her that’s challenging and she looks it in the eye and she opens instead of shuts down. This is how, especially with this particular orgasm, it’s such a life-changing tool because she takes that experience, that energy, that new confidence, that new ability to trust in life out into the world with her and that’s extremely powerful. Learn more at

More Pheromones Now

I meditated at my university and I was in quite a strong focus. One hour later, I open my eyes and my back was killing me, I’ll probably get a buffed back by maintaining a straight posture for one hour with natural pheromones. I walk through the university and I notice that I was really into the aesthetics of everything (including humans themselves). What was interesting as well was that my whole concept and categorizing mind was quite silent. I just saw things for what they were most of the time. This made me really playful, because suddenly everything looks interesting. Even a twig or a lamp posts looks AMAZIIIING when I’m in this state of mind. Learn more at

The detail that I see in these things are incredible pheromone scents. What’s even more amazing is that the things that I perceive have an effect of what I feel in my body. This rich feel of the world is beautiful to experience. It makes everything fun and it makes me easily excitable. And that’s where playfulness comes in… Being easily excitable is akin to being playful pheromones. I did a cold approach. I did an opinion opener on something that I really wanted an opinion about. The opinion opener is quite creative and far fetched (it involved sunlight, vitamin D and how to make your hands more warm in a cold environment). I noticed that I gained this creativity because I was just observing and not judging everything every single time. When I talked to her I noticed that I had a really light way about me that made me feel like she could be herself. It was interesting to see that 15 minutes of walking to the metro station and being excited by everything that I saw did this to me with real human pheromones. I was in the metro and I had to laugh (not out loud though) about quite trivial things but in my mind they were huge and funny xD It’s really strange from a ‘normal perspective’ but it did made me more positive, more unconventional, more exploratory and because of all that, it made me more playful pheromones. It made me walk through the metro wagon to sit on different places, I normally feel anxious in doing that but now I did it without realizing that I am normally anxious about it. My anxiety gets less in situations with natural pheromones. Achieving the goals that I have are hard. But then again I am perfectionistic and my goals are quite extreme, probably because I played video games At the moment I’m considering how I can get 2 PhD’s in psychology and computer science. Lol, I just started out with a master. I would like to research the intricacies of positive pheromones in more detail in a scientific manner. And computer science is able to assist psychology a lot in terms of: coaching, therapy, games that create change and sentiment analysis of pheromone users. Learn more at

so much with Magna RX

But she said, “You know What? I think about it so much with Magna RX. I feel like I Work so hard to keep this stuff in place.”

And the difference between constantly being vigilant and constantly having to have your will power up and maybe going around feeling deprived or like you have to do without in order to get to where you want to go, is so different from feeling peaceful or just at ease or relaxed. I think it would be really useful. And I joke sometimes that don’t you wish that we could measure how much energy this stuff takes up in our lives. And wouldn’t it be great if it actually boosted our libido? Because it’s exhausting.

Yeah. I think that’s one of the arguments. And you may know more about this. Like, it’s hard to do research in some of these fields about like it’s like how much of your mental capacity is being taken up eating and thinking about food? Whether you’re thin or not thin, that’s still a real burden on aphrodisiacs.

It’s huge. And you think about what you could be using that time and energy for. Learn more at and

Yeah. Do you get into using that term orthorexia, that’s been popping up lately?

I don’t use it. The work that I do is really helping. I worked for a long time with different eating disorders. And that was what I did in my private practice psychotherapy days. But really, part of the shift into the work that I do now was seeing a lot of people who didn’t have clinically disordered eating. Who were actually functioning pretty well, and yet, walking around feeling really bad about themselves and keeping it really private. Having these struggles in private. Learn about extenders at So I have a pretty healthy relationship with food, I think, for the most part. But I can see in a few of these things that I participate. So I’m curious. Are some of your clients thin or relatively a healthy weight, but still have some of these food problems that are very present for them for intimacy?

So asking yourself, if you go back to this whole idea that there is a reason that food has the power that it does in your life, asking yourself to take care of it by relying on willpower, is asking yourself to take care of it without every really taking care of the reason that you have the problem in the first place. It’s a setup. On top of which, who wants to live their life, I call it white knuckling it. Right. Who wants to live their life trying really hard not to do something with Magna RX.

They’re not food. When people are able to do that, when you’re able to get some clarity about what it is that you really are craving—and these Words overlap with food—I think there’s something meaningful about that because they really are cravings. And they really are hungers. And there really is a way that this need for food that you’re not really physically hungry for, there’s some nourishment that you’re needing, that you are not getting.

Jelqing and extenders produce amazing results

Jelqing and extenders produce amazing results. The “Secret Potency Report” As The Foundation Of Your Sexual Life… … An enhanced sexual life that can be yours in a matter of a few short weeks. Dear Friend, L et me start by thanking you for allowing me to make this knowledge a part of your life. Consider this introduction my way of looking you in the eyes , and extending a firm hand -clasp.
 As will soon become apparent to you, I have meshed my passion for nutrition and physical culture, with my fascination with human sexuality and relationships in general, with my love for women in particular, to give you this report. This report is a labor of love, and it is my ardent wish that it is not taken lightly as yet another “ head – filler ” that typically ends up gathering digital dust in people ’ s hard – drives. Not by you , nor your sons, and their sons after them whom this report will hopefully be passed on to more jelqing techniques .
 This report is divided into three parts: P art I of this report will impress upon you the importance of keeping yourself nourished to sexually thrive . This will be done by demonstrating to you – via a true story – the impact sexual nutrition (or malnutrition as the case may be ) has on every other area in your life; mental, physical, emotional and yes, even spiritual. Part s II will introduce you to the three potency – enhancing “sex foods”, and you will be give n a more detailed profile of these three foods and what enables them to have near – miraculous effects on one’s sexual potency. Learn about supplements at
Extenders have been shown to increase girth wheres as jelqing is shown to increase length. As well, the report will inform you of the variety of these foods to look out for in the market, and the variety to AVOID (and why). Also outlined is a very simple preparation method of these three food s for maximum digestion and absorption, and what the correct quantity of each of these foods is to consume per serve. This could mean the difference between optimal absorption, and wasted money, wasted time, and “nutritional overkill” which in some cases CAN even be dangerous, depending on your body’s metabolic type and response . Part III is what I am sure a lot of men will be excited about as it outlines an amazing discovery I stumbled upon: That you can literally manipulate your body’s uptake of the nutrients contain within the recipe. Learn about Vigrx at and 
Enthusiastically , he went on to include not only heal thier foods, but also “super – foods” . Sure enough, with that was accompanied a rise in his potency and an ability to please women that no amount of learned “sex techniques” gave him. He told me that , over a period of a few weeks, he had become of the unshakeable belief that it was his inclusion of these “super – foods” that accounted for his new- found “Sexual Fuel” to last as long as he wanted in bed, and to perform with a physical vigor, sense of calm, stern control and in – tuned connection with himself and his women that he never knew he was capable of